Language Classes

Language for Young Children ( aged of 4 – 6)

Language for School Students (Primary and Secondary School)

Language for HSC Students

Language for Second language Learner / Adult

Language for Socialising

Langauge for Travelling

Language for Business Purposes


  • Mandarin Classes (Introductory – Advance Level)
  • Mandarin  Conversational
  • Mandarin Reading and Writing


  • Cantonese Classes (Introductory – Advance Level)
  • Cantonese Conversational


  • Adult English Conversational


  • Bahasa Malaysia Classes (Introductory)


  • Japanese Classes (Introductory)

Other Tutoring Services

  • Short term intensive classes (3 – 4 lessons per week)
  • Private tutoring (One-to-One Tutoring)
  • A group of 2-5 students Tutoring
  • Asia Traveling Tutoring

*Group class will be commenced if there are more than 2 students.


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