Why Learning a Second Language is so Important

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.Frank Smith

In a world that is increasingly interdependent, we can no longer afford to remain monolingual. The many advantages of learning a second language include the following:

Travel and Social – Learning a second language opens up a whole new world of culture and experiences. It allows us to travel to other countries and connect socially with people from around the world in our own country.

Career Opportunities – Speaking a second language improves job prospects more than any other single thing will. Today the world of employment is more global than ever, and knowing a second language heightens chances of finding a job in many areas such as, international business, government, education, public relations, social services, and health care.

Personal Development – Learning a second language develops your intellect, encouraging good learning habits and memorisation, and keeps the brain working in a meaningful way. Students of foreign languages also acquire better communication skills, both written and oral, in their own native language.

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Welcome! 欢迎! ようこそ! Selamat Datang!

To learn more than one language is an opportunity


Dear Second Language Learners,

This blog is about language learning, Asian Culture, me and my students.

I have been teaching language for 4 years and still counting down.  I enjoy living in difference places and learning their culture. I have traveled to many Asia countries and plan to make a trip to China or Taiwan next year.  Let’s begin some welcome words for you to learn today.


欢迎 huān yíng

ようこそ yookoso

Selamat Datang


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